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10000 Unique NFTs for Threatened Species are Live to Mint on Polygon

The “NFTs for Threatened Species” project launches 10000 unique NFTs on the Polygon network to raise environmental awareness. The project protects threatened animals and plants digitally through NFTs, increasing the established level of awareness for various endangered species and helping protect the environment. Right now, NFT collectors can mint 10000 unique and cool NFTs at an affordable price with low transaction fees on the Polygon blockchain. 

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“NFTs for Threatened Species” launched Spring Auctions with Starting Bid at 0 ETH

"NFTs for Threatened Species" launched Spring Auctions with Starting Bid at 0 ETH. This initiative will give early participants a great and fair opportunity to acquire NFTs. Also, those holders will be able to participate in different airdrop programs. In this article, we share several NFTs that early participants can get at an affordable price.

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Protect Endangered Animals in a New Form of Digital Art: NFTs

Animals and plants are an integral part of nature and human beings. They are the life-sustaining forces on earth. It is estimated that there are roughly 8.7 million species of animals and plants in existence. However, most of them have not been identified and described so far, making them a complete mystery.

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Digitalize Threatened Plants to Raise Environmental Awareness Through NFTs

Threatened species such as animals, birds, plants, and insects are often vulnerable or at risk of extinction. Protection of threatened species is key to maintaining our natural ecosystems. Protecting their habitats saves entire communities of animals and plants. There are several things we can do to protect threatened plants.

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The White Stork NFT Campaign to Aid Ukraine

Cryptocurrency is playing an important role as the Ukraine-Russia war escalates. Both Russia and Ukraine have embraced cryptocurrency. Ukraine has already raised millions through cryptocurrency donations given by the crypto community all around the world.

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